Turbokit Basic M104.94x/99x 2.8/3.2/3.6 L

Turbokit Basic M104.94x/99x 2.8/3.2/3.6 L
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for m104.980 without intake manifold:

* Blow Off Colour:

* BOV Flange:

* Turbina type:

* intake:

* Wastegate spring pressure:

* Wastegate colour:

   - OR -   

Basic kit includes all the basic details to start a turbo project.

1) Turbina 
2) 60mm wastegate
3) 50mm BOV
4) Turbo manifold
5) Intake Manifold complete
6) Oil feed kit
7) The oil drain kit
8) Oil filter relocater kit

The rest as IC installation, intake pipes, exhaust systems and installation of EFI, you must make yourself!


After we have received your payment, it takes about 1 week to manufacture all parts

Choose the right engine selection and turbina above and leave a comment for desired color of the WG and size of the turbina  turbinehousing when you order!


We recommend our EFI and fuel kit for this kit:




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