Cooper Head gasket M103/M104

Cooper Head gasket M103/M104
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3mm copper gasket for compression reduction. 8,8 Compression ratio

M103  bore 88.5  3L 12v

M104.980  bore 88.5  3L-24v

M104.990/992/995/942 bore 89.9  2.8-3.2L 24v

M104.941  bore 91  AMG 3.6 L

very common error of not seal properly installed.

Heat until it glows
Cooling down with cold water
Spray the copper gasket spray glue or other adhesive, Permatex.
You can NOT use this gasket with a stock stretch bolts!
You must use the ARP or 12: 9 bolts!

You start with 90 Nm and then run the engine to operating temperature.
The day after when the engine is cold so after pull bolt after bolt to 125 Nm

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