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Crankshaft sensor:

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Boost control:


Intern ignitors:

Knock sensing:

This product is only included in our complete m103/m104 turbokits
Product Description:
MS3X + 4 bar mapsensor + harness.
(Based on full featured MS3+MS3X+V3.57).
Intern Bluetooth
Intern wideband lambda controller!
Speed-density, alpha-n or MAF for fuelling calculations.
16x16 fuel tables in 0.1% steps with true interpolation and movable rows/columns.
16x16 spark tables in 0.1 degree steps with true interpolation and movable rows/columns.
Wall-wetting transient fuel control for better driveability.
On board datalogging to SDcard (max 333Hz sample rate).
Tuning by serial or built-in USB-serial port.
12 channels sequential fuel (hi-z injectors or low-z with external resistors).
2 additional fuel channels (hi-z or low-z).
8 channels sequential spark (logic level output).
6 channels mid current output for small solenoids or relays.
2 'spare' conditioned 0-5V analogue inputs (+2 more raw).
Two wideband oxygen sensor input (external controller required).
(Up to eight widebands supported via external data capture).
GM-style stepper idle control.
2 and 3 wire PWM idle control.
Closed loop idle control.
Closed loop mixture control - ideally with wideband.
Closed loop boost control.
Various boost control systems (gear, time, speed based).
Two stage variable nitrous control.
2 step type launch control.
CAN communications to interconnect other Megasquirt products e.g. transmission controller.
Supports external data capture boards (e.g. for external EGT boards).
EGT data support (with external amplifier).
Staged injection.
Dual fuel (e.g. LPG).
Table switching, (mainly for dual fuel use).
Water/Meth injection.
Individual cylinder injector trim.
Injector phase timing.
Individual cylinder spark trim.
Support for numerous OEM trigger wheel patterns.
Magnetic (VR), Hall, Opto crank sensor input.
Magnetic (VR), Hall, Opto cam sensor input.
Ignition trigger support:

  • Generic Wheel Decoder allows for support of nearly any standard trigger/aftermarket trigger pattern. 60-2, 36-1, 8-1, 4-1, pretty much anything!
  • Supports 50+ specialty OEM and aftermarket ignition systems using factory cam/crank wheels and sensors.
    • GM LS 24x
    • GM LS 58x
    • GM 7x
    • Toyota/Lexus 2JZ VVTi
    • Ford EDIS
    • Ford Zetec VCT
    • Chrysler 420A/Neon
    • Chrysler New Hemi 36-2+2
    • Dodge Viper V10
    • Subaru 6/7
    • Subaru 36-2-2-2
    • Mitusbishi 6G72
    • Mitsubishi 4G63
    • GM OptiSpark
    • Nissan SR20
    • Nissan RB25
    • Nissan VQ35DE
    • Nissan QR25DE
    • Yamaha YZF1000
    • Honda TSX/D17
    • Honda KA24A2
    • Honda RC51/S2000
    • Mazda Miata NA
    • Mazda Miata NB1 and NB2 (VVT)
    • Harley Davidson 32-2 V-Twin (uses MAP for phase detection)
    • Not a complete list — Many more supported trigger wheels

MS3X Autotune is brutal, better then the most other aftermarket ECUs!


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